7 Easy Ways Airbnb Hosts Can Attract More Guests

Airbnb has changed the travel economy by providing an authentic local experience while helping others put some extra cash in their pockets. So about how much does an average Airbnb host make? According to Travel and Leisure Magazine, the average Airbnb host is earning about $924 a month, making it the most profitable gig in Read more

The Gig Economy: What is it?

What exactly is the “gig economy”? Why has it become so popular? Who benefits: companies or employees? The rise of apps has revolutionized the way we conduct business. We are connected to everything by our smartphones, including the gig economy. Through apps like Postmates, TaskRabbit, Wag!, and so many others, people can pick up a Read more

The Hidden Costs of Ridesharing

Side hustles are increasingly popular to earn supplemental income, and driving for Uber or Lyft has become one of the most popular ways to do so. While this is an easy way to earn some fast cash, there are hidden fees that drivers need to know about – especially if they want to be a Read more

Being Neighborly in the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is more than about making money. It’s about lending a helping hand to your neighbor. It’s become a tool where people are sharing household items and appliances. Businesses are renting out their underutilized office supplies. The sharing economy is also here to stay. More people are looking at disownership rather than ownership. Read more

The Sharing Economy: Helping You and the Environment

The “sharing economy” not only helps you save a couple extra bucks, but it is also helping the environment. Selling your old clothes, dining with neighbors and carpooling are some easy ways to help conserve waste. The infographic below explains how the sharing economy is helping to lessen the amount waste we produce. Read more

100 Years of Ridesharing

Uber and Lyft revolutionized ridesharing, but ridesharing has actually been around for 100 years. Ridesharing services have been used throughout history to help people save money and help conservation efforts. Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and Via make these efforts even more accessible. Read more